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Pic update

2010-07-15 20:26:32 by Astrosebraxton

A pic of my upcoming animation....and actually my goal is to make my lines even thinner XD. Thanks for the constructive criticism though.

Pic update

New animation

2010-07-11 21:38:28 by Astrosebraxton

Another animation is coming. It is called "No more lazers". It's gonna be about how much I freakin use lazers in my animations. It features the voice acting talents of:

James Espinoza (Morse)
Daniel Balluf (Jones)
Kylie Casten (Kylie)
Braxton Harrison (Braxton)

Jones is firin his lazar!

2009-10-17 22:29:16 by Astrosebraxton

The series "Jones Fires his Lazar" has just been released. Please let me know if you want to do voice for part two, as we still have some characters open. Thanks for the support you guys!

Astrose Animations

2009-07-25 23:12:23 by Astrosebraxton

Guess what peepz? Astrose now has animations! Well, sorta. I'm working hard on them, and currently only have one on newgrounds. It's title is Don't Mess with Jones!


2009-07-25 01:49:07 by Astrosebraxton

I was wondering, and this is definitely not me soliciting scouting, but, how do you get scouted? Is my art not good enough? Is there something I can do?


2009-07-23 16:56:45 by Astrosebraxton

Hello, Newgrounds! This is Braxton Harrison. My webcomic, Astrose, will be the main subject on which all of my posts are made on. Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated.