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2009-07-25 01:49:07 by Astrosebraxton

I was wondering, and this is definitely not me soliciting scouting, but, how do you get scouted? Is my art not good enough? Is there something I can do?


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2009-07-26 04:39:24

Only giving my honest opinion. Your imagination and art needs working on. Simply put suck for now....and maybe later on as well.

Astrosebraxton responds:

thanks for being honest....


2009-07-26 12:51:54

You get scouted when someone who is ALREADY scouted sees your work, likes it, and then scouts you. If you haven't been scouted its normally for one of two reasons.

1. Your stuff sucks

2. No one has noticed it in the "unscouted section" which scouted people can see.

Im going to assume its the first one.

Astrosebraxton responds:

lol I think I understand that now.